Thera Wise Vpr Vaporizing Rub
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Thera Wise Vpr Vaporizing Rub

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Breathe better through cold and flu season

VpR Natural Bio-Active Vaporizing Rub is a plant based supportive therapy for coughs, colds, nasal and chest congestion. Health Canada NHP approved and award winning, VpR Vaporizing Rub comes to the rescue not only for cold and flu congestion but also to help seasonal allergies.

As an alternative to the many over the counter ointments that contain petroleum, VpR used pure essential oils and bio-active plant based ingredients.

What our Bio-Active VpR Vaporizing Rub can do for you:

  • Apply 3-5 times daily, this refreshing aromatic bio active vaporizing rub:
  • Opens up nasal passages to help you breathe better
  • Quiets coughing and reduces the pain associated with a tight cough
  • Non sticky/greasy/staining formulation so you don’t have to change your bed sheets every morning
  • Our kid friendly – no harsh smelling formula ensures children will be more receptive to the application

What’s in a tube of non staining Thera Wise Bio-Active VpR Vaporizing Rub?

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) Leaf Oil Used topically for inflammation of respiratory tract mucous membranes, rheumatic complaints, rheumatoid arthritis and nasal stuffiness. This wonderfully refreshing, green-smelling pure essential oil works wonders.

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Cautions: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, wounds or damaged skin. For children 1.5 years and under, we recommend to apply VpR Vaporizing Rub on the bottom of the feet and place socks over top in addition to a small amount to the back (upper torso). Avoid applying to the nasal area with children under 1.5 years of age.