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Platinum Natural Coral Calcium

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  • Calcium helps to build bones and may help prevent osteoporosis.
  • Supports the contraction and relaxation of muscles, including the heart.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of developing muscle cramps.
  • Fossilized coral calcium contains about 15% more calcium than marine coral.
  • Contains trace minerals that work together to support strong bones.
  • Magnesium is essential for energy production, muscle relaxation, and cardiovascular function.

Hard to get enough trace minerals
Plants can make vitamins but they can’t make minerals. They must get the minerals from the soil. The problem is that our modern farming practices typically only replace potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Essential trace minerals such as iron, calcium, copper and zinc have been depleted from the soil, and from our diets.

Why Take Coral Calcium?
Platinum Naturals’ Coral Calcium has many trace minerals that promote good health, ensuring that you get these essential minerals.

Using fossilized rather than living or marine corals, Coral Calcium helps build bones, may help prevent osteoporosis and regulate the contraction and relaxation of muscles, including the heart.

Ecologically Responsible Mining
Coral reefs are classified as endangered. Scientists and environmentalists unanimously condemn marine coral harvesting because of its deadly impact on coral life.

Platinum Naturals use only fossilized corals and does not destroy coral reefs or use any living or marine corals. Fossilized coral calcium also contains about 15% more calcium than marine coral calcium, due to the impurities in marine corals.

The adult body contains approximately 25 g of magnesium, with 50% to 60% in the bones and most of the rest in soft tissues. The two soft tissues containing the most magnesium are the heart and brain.

Magnesium is a cofactor for many critical physiological and biochemical reactions in the body, including managing bone metabolism, nerve and muscle function, protein synthesis, blood pressure regulation and blood glucose control. It is essential for energy production and to maintain proper cardiovascular function.

Magnesium helps muscles to relax. If you suffer from cramps, inadequate magnesium intake may be the cause.