Attitude Blooming Belly Body Lotion 473ml
Attitude Blooming Belly Body Lotion 473ml
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Attitude Blooming Belly Body Lotion 473ml

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Your body undergoes many changes as you transition into motherhood. That's why it's important to pamper your skin and your growing belly daily. Keep your skin glowing (and growing!) with Armani blooming belly body lotion - Argan. Lightweight, fast-absorbing and protective, our natural body lotion is as good as it gets. Boasting with antioxidants, Vitamins and amino acids, our nourishing body lotion will improve your skin's elasticity and firmness, so you can glow from the inside out!
  • Certified body lotion: our pregnancy care products bear the EWG VERIFIED mark for the safest ingredients, are PETA approved and never tested on animals, and Ecology certified
  • Natural, plant-based: our plant- and Mineral-based body lotion is crafted with antioxidant-rich Argan oil, known to deeply moisturize and protect your skin
  • Beautiful, healthy skin: Our body lotion for expectant mothers contains natural emollient-rich ingredients to keep your skin firm and elastic, to keep your blooming belly glowing day after day
  • Silky skin, lovely scent: our non-greasy formula will help prepare your skin for pregnancy-related changes by keeping it soft and hydrated while delivering a wonderful aroma of apple blossoms
  • Biodegradable, recyclable: not only it is good for you and baby, It is also good for the planet! We only use nature's best biodegradable ingredients to take care of your skin